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Let’s face it; being an entrepreneur is hard. Especially when you’re doing everything on your own with little to no help.

Oftentimes we start our businesses, and just wing it. This will work for a while, but eventually we find ourselves stuck. We don’t know what next steps to take, we can’t find the funds to grow our businesses, and we freak out because we don’t have a real strategy in place.

We’ve all been there in some capacity at one point or another, and that’s why we want to help!

As entrepreneurs who understand firsthand what it can be like to struggle; Briana Ross and Nico Jay have partnered to bring you a life changing workshop. Not many people understand what it’s like to live off of an inconsistent income, or balance many roles in life while running a business.

That’s why we want to help!

If you:

  • Are tired of not being able to save money and invest in your brand,

  • Are stuck when it comes to outlining the next steps for your brand,

  • Want to learn how to budget the right way,

  • or Want to learn how to build a powerful brand online,

then this is a workshop you can’t afford to miss.

The year is halfway over, and you don’t have any time to waste.

Join Ramsey Preferred Coach Nico Jay Moyer and Brand Strategist Briana Ross to learn about money management, financial growth, branding, AND MORE in a fun, practical, and hands on way.

During this workshop you will learn:

  • How to control your money instead of letting it control you;

  • How to budget with an inconsistent income;

  • How to communicate your Brand on social media with confidence;

  • How to create a plan for your business to generate more income;



Business, Branding, and Finances Workshop


Two hour workshop



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***This is a private worksop with limited seating. Location will be given after you register.