Social media is one of the most useful tools in digital marketing when it comes to building your business online. In today's day and age many businesses and brands can't afford to not be present on social media. The issue is, many businesses create social media profiles, but struggle with engagement and conversions. The key to this is building a relationship with your audience. There are many ways you can do this, and today I'm going to share four great ways you can do that. 

1.) Consistency

Your audiences needs consistency. Showing that you are consistent on social media most likely means that you are consistent in the other areas of your business. Also, make sure your message is consistent across all of your social media platforms. Be sure to not give conflicting information, because it can confuse your audience.  

2.) Create valuable content

Create content that is relevant to your business, and offers value to your audience. For example, if you are a fitness instructor, then try posting quick workouts on instagram, or create a blog post giving tips on the best foods to help give you energy. There are so many ways you can create content that your audience would love, you just need to be specific on who your audience is and know what type of information they are looking for. 

3.) Engage

Show your audience you're a real person with feelings, and not just someone out there trying to get their money. People want to feel important and needed, and after all you do need your audience. If they comment on a post be sure to respond, and if they share one of your post like the post they share. Start a conversation, ask a question on your post, so it will encourage them to comment.

4.) Shares

Showing your audience that you're a team player goes a long way. Share things that will interest your audience. You can do this by sharing a cool video that may interest them, or giving a shoutout to someone (fellow entrepreneur or Brand influencer). Show your audience that it is not always about you and your business. 

Another part of sharing is encouraging your audience to share your posts. When they share your posts it will be seen by their friends/followers, and if they like it then it will bring them to your page! 

Building relationships with your audience is so important when it comes to brand awareness, and although there are many ways to do this, consistency, creating valuable content, engaging, and sharing posts along with encouraging your audience to share posts will take you a long way. It is not an over night process, so it will take time and effort. However, with consistency the relationships will build and you will continue to accomplish your goals through social media.