Tap Into the Hidden Job Market for Your Job Search Success-2.png

Most jobseekers and people going through a career transition spend all their time submitting their resume to online job boards with the hopes of getting invited to an interview. This approach may have worked 10-15 years ago, but things have changed a lot making this an ineffective way to go about your job search. 

Job boards have become so popular that everybody and their mom is submitting their resume online. When you apply to one position, you are competing with 100 other people who are also applying to the same exact position. There is a lot of competition on these job boards, and the chances of your resume getting noticed is really slim. Additionally, with companies using applicant tracking systems, your resume can easily get lost in the virtual black hole. 

70% of the jobs that are actually open, aren’t even advertised online. Most companies either only advertise in-house or they advertise job openings directly on their website. This is what people are referring to when they talk about “the hidden job market.” The only way that you would ever know about these positions is if you went on the company’s website or you knew someone who knew about the specific job opening.  

How do you tap into this hidden job market? Through networking! I know “networking” is a scary word for a lot of people. It doesn’t have to be though. The truth is, networking is nothing more than building relationships with other people. 

For the purpose of your job search, you want to focus on quality over quality meaning that you don’t want to just connect with as many people as possible. You want to be strategic and connect two types of people: people who have the hiring and decision making authority within an organization or people who have connections with these hiring authorities and can make an introduction for you. 

Before you even begin your job search or networking journey, it is so important to be clear about what you want. When you are clear on your career goals, you can put a plan in place and know the people you need to connect with to help you reach those goals.



Nika Love is a Self-Empowerment Coach, Inspirational Speaker, and Writer helping women breakthrough barriers and tap into their inner-confidence to achieve their own definition of success. You can learn more about her at www.NikaLove.com. Instagram: @IAmNikaLove | Periscope: @IAmNikaLove