THREE Reasons You Need a Website

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A lot of people feel as though they can grow their business without having a website. Yes, this is partially true, but having a website helps things run A LOT smoother. Imagine being able to have some of your systems automated, and you don’t have to lift a finger. Sounds awesome right? 

When it comes to having a website you have two choices, you can get a designer to build your website, or you can build it yourself. Either way both require an investment. When a designer builds your website you have to invest your money, but when you build your own website you have to invest your time. When deciding on your website be sure to weigh the pros and cons for both, and pick the options that is best for YOUR business. 

Today I’m going to share THREE reasons why you need a website no matter who builds it.

  1. It will save you A LOT of time in the long run. You won’t have to continue to go back and forth with potential customers and clients in your social media private messages. Your website can house ALL of the information they need. Information about your products and services, policies, and brand can be viewed on your website. You can also allow people to book services and purchase products without you having to send an invoice. When people inquire you can send them to your website, and you won’t have to keep relaying the same information over and over again. Having a website is an awesome way to begin automating your systems. 

  2. It’s professional! Let’s face it, depending on what type of Brand you have professionalism is VERY important. Some people don’t want to have to inquire to find out information, they want to be able to visit a website and get what they need. Can you blame them? When customers purchase you can have the funds automatically deposited to your business account. When you have a clean professional website it adds a new dynamic to your Brand. You can better serve your audience, and establish yourself as an expert. 

  3. It’s a great way to generate leads, and you can be discovered on platforms like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! We can’t solely rely on social media to get the word out there about our businesses. What if social media were to disappear? Would you still be able to nurture and give value to your audience? Think about it, a lot of people go to Google to do research, ask questions, and buy products or services. Your website is another opportunity for you to get in front of your audience. Whether they’re researching and you have the answer on your blog, or they’re looking for a specific product, having a website gives you A LOT of freedom to be able to cater to your audience and generate leads. 

Building a website or hiring someone to build one for you can be scary, but think about all of the benefits it could bring your business. It’s time to stop thinking small, and venture outside of the box.