Three Ways Building Brand Awareness Can Help Your Business

The Ways Building Brand Awareness.png

If you own a business, you know how huge the opportunity is to build your brand on social media. With this opportunity comes the presence of competitors who also want to stand out in their specific industries.

One big question business owners have is how can one’s brand stand out in a crowded newsfeed and ensure that people really know about the business and trust that you can give them exactly what they need and want?

Standing out is not easy, but if you clearly understand your target audience and are willing to work to build brand awareness, it can be done!

Brand Awareness makes your message resonate with your target audience.

In order for your brand to grow, people have to KNOW your brand. They won’t purchase your products or services unless they know who you are. You need to make people aware that your brand and business. 

This doesn’t just apply to new businesses. You could have launched your brand two years ago and still not be reaching your targets today. Customers won’t be supporting your product or service if they don’t connect with the story behind it, or understand what separates it from other brands.

What do your customers feel or think when they hear or see your brand? What do they associate with it? What emotions are triggered when they get in touch with your brand?

The true essence of Brand Awareness is not as simple as just KNOWING - it’s about building that unspoken emotional connection between your brand and your target market. 

Brand Awareness establishes TRUST.

Here’s something that every business owner needs to remember by heart:

Know + Like + Trust = Buy.

Until your potential customer knows who you are, likes who you are, and trusts you, there is a small chance of purchase. The level of trust required varies but there must be at least a base level of trust in place before anyone will spend a dime.

If you’re able to build that TRUST by consistently giving the same message across your marketing platforms and showing that you are able to provide exactly what your clientele wants and needs, you’re on the right track.

Brand Awareness ensures long-term and loyal customers.

Brand Loyalty comes from excellent brand awareness and assures you that your customers will always go back to you when they encounter the same need again or when they know someone who needs something your brand offers (hello, referrals). 

See, repeat customers are special. They’re willing to spend more on your products and services because you’ve already established that level of trust. They’re also easier to sell and market new products to. 

Building brand awareness can benefit your business in so many ways. No matter where you are in your business, you always have to establish good brand awareness that is anchored on your values and vision. Only then will you be able to really grow and achieve more for your business.