Brand Strategy & Identity

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Brand Strategy & Identity


Brand Positioning happens whether you are proactive with your business or not. This is the importance of having a strategy in place that creates a consistent flow in every aspect of your business.

This intensive coaching package contains everything you will ever need to become clear on your brand. We will create a strategy that covers brand identity, brand positioning, brand voice, brand management, brand design, and more!

Together, we will work on:

  • Create a Branding Strategy that works for your business;

  • Clearly identify your target audience so you understand what speaks to them, what triggers their emotions, and what struggles they have;

  • Gain clarity on the Brand Identity that YOU want (it will reflect the REAL you!);

  • Map out a specific plan on establishing stronger Brand Credibility; and

  • Develop a Visual Strategy that will create a cohesive look and feel for your brand.

As a bonus, we will also:

  • Discover ways you can add additional streams of income (without stressing yourself too much and losing your boss babe mojo!); and

  • Conduct a Brand Analysis of your current social media presence and make the necessary “upgrades” to improve your Brand Identity.

This Coaching Package includes:

  • One 30-Minute Discovery Consultation (worth $100);

  • 4 sessions of value-packed 60-minute coaching calls, with e-mail recaps sent straight to your inbox (worth $250/call);

  • Tasks given as “homework” to motivate you in taking active steps to create the Brand Identity you desire!

* Once this service is purchased, you will receive an agreement to sign so you know what to expect during our partnership. Once the agreement is signed, you will receive a questionnaire to determine EXACTLY what you are needing assistance with when it comes to Branding. Once I receive your questionnaire, you will receive a PDF within 24 hours that contains everything we will cover during each coaching session, including with a link to book our first coaching call at a time that's convenient for you!

** There are NO refunds (not that you’d need it, anyway).

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