November 2018 - Tami Blackshear

We’re super excited about this month’s Entrepreneur of the Month, because she is our very first feature in the event industry! Tami Blackshear the owner of Blackshear’s Berries creates a unique experience for her clients by creating couture dessert tables and candy stations. Her work is absolutely beautiful, and it is evident that she loves what she does. We are super excited about being able to partner with Blackshear’s Berries for this years Brand Party on December 2nd! Check out my interview with Tami below:

1. What exactly is Blackshear's Berries, and how did it get started? 

Only two-years into existence, Blackshear's Berries began by simply creating 2016 Valentine's Day chocolate dipped strawberries for co-workers. Soon after this, I received calls asking for orders for their co workers, family and friends.  Blackshear's Berries specializes in custom, gourmet and couture desserts for all engagements. Dessert tables and candy stations are trending, Blackshear's Berries is able to create a designer-worthy display for your guests to enjoy while celebrating.

2. What has been your biggest lesson from your entrepreneurial journey? 

My biggest lesson from my entrepreneurial journey has been acknowledging and valuing my worth. Once my value was instilled concretely, I confidently approached negotiations with full beliefs in my skills and experience. 

3. How do you juggle being a business owner and working a 9 to 5? What advice do you have for people wanting to do the same thing? 

I am able to successfully juggle being a business owner and also working a 9 to 5pm, by being very well planned, prepping in advance and being consistent with organization. Planning in advance allows me to me to enjoy my passion and to see the reflection of it being displayed.

4. What is one goal you have for 2019? 

My goal for 2019 would be to increase sales and to create an inviting and high energy website where my customers can view calendar availability for Blackshear's Berries and view all new dessert options.

5. How can we keep up with you and your business? 

Keep up with Blackshear's Berries by maintaining a sweets tooth and follow us on

Facebook: Blackshear's Berries

Instagram: Blackshears.Berries


Website: Coming Soon.