December 2017 - India Lindsey

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I was super excited when I asked India to be December's Entrepreneur of the Month and she accepted. I am not afraid to say that India is someone I truly look up to in this world of entrepreneurs and business owners. It's not often that you meet someone on social media and they're willing to give you advice and help you get started on your own journey. Words can't express how appreciative I am of India! Not only is she a great person, but she is an AMAZING writer.

She has published an ebook (which actually helped me get started in my entrepreneurial journey), and she published two novels! She is also the owner of The Write Touch which offers services like academic writing and editing, creative writing, and resume and cover letting writing. She also offers a ghostwriting services, and even launched a Ghostwriting 101 course you can take! 

India is full of knowledge with so much to offer. Check out her interview below: 

1.) What sparked your interest in starting your own business? 

I started my first business out of need. I was an unemployed postgraduate looking for a way to pay my rent and piling student loans. Writing had always been something I was good at, so I turned my hobby into a business. 

2.) What was your biggest struggle as an entrepreneur? 

As an entrepreneur, my biggest struggle has been finding a work-life balance. I put all of my energy into my art and making my business work. There's not one day where I am not working on my business, and it often leads to me neglecting some other area of my life. However, making time for other things outside of business is something I want to work on this upcoming year. 

3.) When did you start writing, and what motivated you to publish ebooks and novels? 

I started writing in 2012 however,  I didn't publish my first book until 2015. Writing a book was a goal I've had for myself since I was ten years old. After working with a writing coach, I finally dared to move forward with publishing my books. Her course cost me a pretty penny; I promised myself I would make this writing thing work. 

4.) A lot of people have been interested in ghostwriting lately; is there one tip that you would give them? Where can people learn about ghostwriting? 

Ghostwriting entirely changed my business. Not everyone is skilled at writing. For those who are skilled in writing, leveraging that talent to the right crowd can change your life. 

5.) Where can we keep up with India Lindsey, your projects, and business? 

You can follow me on all platforms under @IndiaLindsey or I am on Goodreads as well!