July 2017 - Sierra Jackson

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It is such an honor to be able to feature Sierra and her business Fab & Frugal Women's Boutique as this month's Entrepreneur of the Month, because she is inspiring women all over to follow their dreams, and never give up. 

Sierra Jackson is the Founder/Head Fashionista of Fab & Frugal Women’s Boutique, an affordable clothing boutique for fashionable women with curves. Her company has evolved quite a bit since it first got its start in a Jackson State University dorm, to now being an international online fashion retailer.

Sierra didn’t originally intend to open a plus size boutique, “it kind of just happened,” she says. She initially started hand sewing and dyeing denim for herself, and people on campus would ask could she make items for them as well. Her being a penniless college student, she said “Sure why not,” for a few extra bucks. Her hobby turned business quickly grew bigger than ever, and more people were finding out about her brand.

Reality TV stars like Tiara Hodges (Bad Girls Club) and Kaylin Garcia (Love & Hip-Hop New York), were spotted on social media shouting out her clothing in pictures. Though her clothing was available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 0-26, plus size women were her most frequent and returning customers. Her email inbox would get bombarded with “thank you’s,” from plus size women thanking her for creating stylish denim in their size.

Sierra says she started to fall more in love with the idea of boosting women’s confidence while they wore her clothing, than actually creating the clothing. After three years she discontinued her shop because it was no longer her passion.

Fast forward to 2016, she was motivated to spark the idea of a clothing store back up. Her initial motivation came from God, as she was reading her Bible one night and He told her she was going to be the “new age Lydia.” Lydia was a great businesswoman and reseller of the purple cloth in the Bible. “Though my industry is fashion, my purpose is that I love helping and serving others. I want to give people who have been incarcerated a second chance after incarceration, like Lydia did with Paul & Silas. I want to hire them in my clothing warehouse when the time comes, to give them a second chance at being a great citizen in society,” Sierra states.

In August 2016, Fab & Frugal Women’s Boutique was (re)born. With less than a year of her online shop being open, Sierra says she is happy to be back in the fashion industry and thriving like never before. “It is the mission of Fab & Frugal Women's Boutique to provide fashionable minimalist clothing at an affordable price to plus size women. We strive to be the ultimate problem solvers when it comes to plus size fashion by empowering and educating our customers; creating the most enjoyable shopping experience possible for them.”

What is a Fab & Frugal woman you ask? A bubbly free spirit, who loves fashionable clothes that she doesn’t have to break the bank for. She’s sometimes late for class or work, because she’s trying to find something to wear. She’s the fashionable go-getter, the dreamer, and the doer. 

Check out Sierra Jackson's interview below: 

1.) What sparked your interested to start a clothing boutique?

I have always loved fashion and creating things. When I was a little girl, I would sneak and cut up my shirts, and sew and remake them into something new. Before I knew how to sew, I would just cut them up and add beads to them. My mom would fuss at me for messing up my clothes! Lol

2.) What advice would you give to moms wanting to start a business?

The piece of advice I would share with mompreneurs is, keep your mental healthy and stable no matter what. What I mean by that is: I had my daughter one month after to starting my business. As it got closer to my delivery date, it all started to get overwhelming and I was depressed BEFORE I even had my child so tacking on postpartum depression made it worse. My mental health was not in the place it needed to be for me to be running a business AND taking care of a child at the same time. It was all so overwhelming for me. However, through lots of prayer, mindset changes, affirmations, and constantly remembering my dreams and the thing I wanted to achieve..I got through it. Also, do not allow yourself to feel guilty about spending time away from your child to achieve your dreams. I had this problem bad. I have to remind myself the sacrifices I'm making now are for her future, and she'll appreciate them SO much more when we can spend time together whenever she wants because of my entrepreneurial freedom instead of being tied down to a gruesome schedule.

3.) From your experience, what was the most challenging part about starting a business?

Being disciplined enough to push through and do what I said I was going to do is the most challenging part about starting (and sustaining) a business. I know most people think its funds (or lack there of) but honestly, it takes more discipline than it does funds. Unlike people who have a corporate job, you don't have anybody to answer to. It's up to you whether you're going to get up and put some work in everyday. That alone, is harder than answering to someone simply because the responsibility all falls back on you, no one else.

4.) If you had to give one piece of advice to entrepreneurs and/or business owners what would it be?

No matter what, push through and be consistent in whatever it is that you are doing. Consistency wins ALWAYS. Even if you don't see immediate sales, a bunch of followers and likes on social media, lots of people raving over your product/service, keep going. Eventually it will pay off...but ONLY if you're consistent.

5.) Where can we keep up with you and your business?!

You can keep up with all things Fab & Frugal Women's Boutique at: linktr.ee/shopfabandfrugal

Instagram: @shopfabandfrugal

Facebook: Fab & Frugal Women's Boutique