June 2018 - Candace Jackson

This month's Entrepreneur of the Month is very special for me because I get to feature my mom! I've watched her turn a hobby and a passion into a business, and it has been so inspirational. Not only is she my mom, but she's also a mentor. She is constantly challenging me, and helping me make logical decisions for my business. I am so honored to feature my mom as June's Entrepreneur of the Month, check out her interview below! 


1. What started your entrepreneurial journey?

Nine years ago a dear invited me to her home to learn to crochet. I sort of laughed it off, because she and I both knew I have a short attention span and I don’t sit long enough to do anything. She had this nature about her that I simply loved spending time with her and she knew I wouldn’t tell her “no”. So we sat on her front porch that spring morning and here we are. Who knew?! And I still have a short attention span and don’t like sitting for long periods of time……..unless I’m crocheting. 😉

2. You’ve been crocheting for years, what made you decide to jump and turn it into a business? 

I have met some amazing, inspiring women that God brought into my life. I didn’t come to the decision on my own. I was constantly asked how much I charge for a piece and I would immediately say no, but then another friend, at another location, and who happened to own her own small business, encouraged me to just do it. And again, I did. And here we are three years later

3. Not only are you the owner of CandyJax Crochet Shop, but you recently became a certified yoga instructor! Congratulations by the way! What was the process like, and how has it benefited you?

Thank you so much!!! It is truly a blessing. The third time is the charm, haha… Another friend, at another location, opened a yoga studio where we live and I was intrigued. I just wanted to be a student. And she was hosting the first Yoga Teacher Training at her studio and she  relentlessly with love kept encouraging me to do the training. The process was long and hard. Not physically, but emotionally. I spent a lifetime caring for others; my husband, children, grandmother, family, friends, military spouses, the military unit we were a part of, and I can go on and on. Yoga challenged that and showed me there was no true caring for others, until I learned to care for myself. The greatest benefit is I allowed God to love on me through Yoga and He gave me Yoga so I can I learn to extend grace to others. It’s still mind-blowing. I now have the opportunity to share this beautiful practice of Yoga with others. And mind you, after hours spent each day crocheting, Yoga heals and prevents any lifelong injuries I have acquired over the years.

4. What advice would you give someone wanting to pursue two different business paths at the same time? 

My advice is to purely be open and be present. Don’t worry about the details and get caught up in the ‘what ifs’, ‘I don’t have’, ‘I can’t’, etc. If you feel called or led, step out on faith. And maybe you have experienced beautiful friends, at different locations or stages of your life that see that fire or zeal in you. That’s God whispering confirmation. Listen! Be obedient. And have faith. 

5. Where can we keep up with your crochet creations? 

You can follow my progress, from beginning to end, for every piece I create through the CandyJax Crochet Shop Facebook page. Or you can visit the store at www.mkt.com/candyjaxcrochetshop