May 2018 - Morgan Owens

This month's Entrepreneur of the Month is a branding POWERHOUSE! Morgan Owens is someone that every entrepreneur can learn a thing or two from. Owner of The Morgan A Owens brand, Curvy Cardio, and Creator of the Professional Pretty Conference, Morgan is constantly uplifting women and inspiring us to not be afraid to go after what you want. Check out Morgan's interview below!

1. What does branding mean to you? 

Branding is EVERYTHING. Definitely more than just a logo. It is a feeling you give to others, an experience and ultimately an impact you make on someone's life. What I mean by that is, you want your brand to be the first thing they think of for a service or product. You want your potential customer/client see your business or branding and know automatically that is you and what their experience is going to be, on a consistent basis.

2. How did you transition into coaching, what caused this shift? 

I wanted to help other women succeed because other women have helped me. I have bigger goals for myself so I won't always be taking on clients but right now, while I can I want to help as many others get their foundations off to the right start.

3. What is it like juggling more than one business? How do you do it? 

It can be hectic, for sure! I am only one person. I've learned in order to grow, I have to grow and have a team. Although, very small I have some help managing social media, graphics and with events. I am very protective over my two businesses because I've worked so hard building them. I have also been burned before letting people into my business life - you have to be very discerning and cautious. Not everyone is going to grind like you do!

4. CONGRATULATIONS on leaving your corporate job! That is something many people aspire to do! How did you prepare to take that huge step? 

Thank you :) I made an exit strategy! I was mentally ready to leave 8 months ago but my bank account wasn't :) I made a plan to have so much saved by a certain date. If I hadn't hit that mark by then I was humble enough to tell myself - Morgan you're still going to be working for a couple more weeks! Luckily, i made my deadline. I also prayed about it and really thought it through.

5. What advice would you give to the corporate women who is anxious to quit her job to pursue her business full time? 

Don't rush it. You can't build your brand/business while trying to worry about paying your bills. 

6. Where can we keep up with you and your brands?

You can keep up at, IG miss_morgan86 FB Morgan A Owens Brand and, IG & FB curvycardio