August 2018 - Jauntel Taffe

It always a pleasure to see women I have met on my journey excelling on their entrepreneurial journey. I had the pleasure of meeting this month's Entrepreneur of the Month, Jauntel Taffe my freshman year of college at Georgia Southern University. Watching her launch and grow her brands has been so amazing to witness, and I am so happy that she accepted this feature! Check out Jauntel's interview below: 

1. How did your entrepreneurial journey get started? 

My entrepreneurial journey started my last semester of my undergraduate degree in 2014 with the creation of my lifestyle blog

2. What made you choose Public Relations as an area of study and for a business?

I actually was a History major when I first entered Georgia Southern University. But I quickly changed my mind after realizing the amount of research papers associated with the major as well as the bleak career opportunities. I stumbled upon PR while looking for opportunities within the business realm. Once I embarked on my first PR course, I was immediately intrigued and knew this was the right opportunity for me. As I have a true passion for interacting with people and helping businesses reach their full potential. 

3. What is Love Sweetyville? Sweetyville is a lifestyle brand that has now evolved into having its own on-line boutique.

Sweetyville is based on the premise that Pretty doesn’t mean bitchie. And is here to encourage young women to help learn, grown and love themselves in all aspects of life. 

4. What advice would you give someone who's just finishing school and would like to kickstart their entrepreneurial journey? 

Start NOW. One of my previous internships taught me that you will never get more support than when you are in school or just finishing school. And I have truly found this to be true. Pay attention to all of the resources your school and classmates provides you and utilize them!! Utilize your professors, your classmates, textbooks everything! But do not hesitate on starting. Whether your business continues to evolve or you get it right on the first try, it doesn’t matter. The goal will always be to first start and to ALWAYS keep going. It will be hard but self-motivation and A strong spiritual foundation will help you get through it! 

5. How can we keep up with you and your brands? My personal social media is @Sweeterthanuu my business social media are @LoveSweetyville and @NVRCHCO. My websites are and I can also be reached via email at