September 2018 - Diana Mundkowsky

This month’s entrepreneur of the month is Diana Mundowsky! We had the pleasure of connecting on Facebook, and she was a guest expert in my Facebook group! Diana is a Mom Boss passionate about design, and helping women all over brand their businesses!

Check out her interview below!

1.) What kickstarted your entrepreneurial journey?

Having my son put a huge kickstart into my entrepreneurial journey. I craved the desire to stay at home and spend those precious moments with him, but I’ve always been proud of being a hard worker, and so I decided I should not limit myself to one or the other. I became capable of both with my mindset and dove in.

2.) how do you balance motherhood and full time entrepreneurship?

I keep a detailed list. Trello makes this super easy! I create a checklist of the week including personal and business tasks I need to complete and I can drag and reorder them per their urgency. This makes sure that if I NEED to get dog food, I dont get wrapped up in 3 logos and forget until last minute. I can sit down and easily breakdown what needs to happen now, and what needs to happen later in the week. I also have this set up quarterly. If I have someone who wants me to contact them in a month, I can go in and add that reminder now, and not need to worry about it becoming lost.

3.) What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned since being an entrepreneur?

Failure is IMPORTANT. I’ve always allowed myself to get caught up in my failures until I became an entrepreneur and realized that without failing, I cannot grow as an individual or improve my work. There are days where I nail everything on my task list, and there are days where it takes me multiple revisions to figure out what I am doing. Allow failure to empower you and you will be launched forward as a result, not held back.

4.) What is your favorite part about being an entrepreneur?

The flexibility. This month (and any moment) I am due with my second son. I can take time where I need it to take care of my personal needs without having to cover my shift or call and report that to another person. Once I have my son, I alone determine the amount of time that I need to become comfortable with our new life and adjust as a family. Being able to make those calls I believe is an important factor that drives an individual to become an entrepreneur. The flexibility instills a new freedom.

5.) Where and how can we keep up with you and your brand?

On Facebook, you can find me at and on instagram I am at @simplybeedesign
My website will be launching soon and announced on my Facebook page!