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When I was very young my brother had a pet hermit crab. I have fuzzy memories of its cage, the sand, and there was always an empty shell in the corner. He had this crab before I started going to school so I could have only been three or four years old, but it was intriguing in the way curious toddlers are intrigued by things. I never bothered it, but I watched it every chance I got! 

If you know anything about hermit crabs you know they change shells, this is called molting. A lot of animals molt as they grow. When molting, hermit crabs come out of their original shells and for a moment they can't move. I discovered that this temporary paralysis happens in order for their "skin" to slightly harden as a means of protection until they are safely in their new shell.

Can you imagine how tight it must be for the crab as it outgrows its shell? We go through similar transitions as we grow. First, we realize that it is time to move on. We then become very uncomfortable. 

It may be painful to leave that job, church, state, familiarity, childish things, friends, or that sense of comfort behind, but its necessary! After leaving our shell we may be unable to move for a moment. This could be because of fear of the unknown, or looking for the perfect new situation. This is when God protects and guides us. We are often vulnerable, raw, or sensitive in the midst of our transition. Finally, like a hermit crab, we find the perfect new home! 

Listen, growth is uncomfortable, difficult, and many of us are afraid of the changes that growth brings. However, only dead things stop growing! God wants to bless you with new experiences and new opportunities. He wants to bring new people, places, and things into your life. However, you cant experience those things in an old shell. 

Jesus once shared a parable, new wine should never be poured into old wine skins. If you pour new wine into an old skin it will burst, because it's too weak. You can't receive the new blessings God has in store for you if you are resistant to change and growth. Allow yourself to stretch out in the fullness of all God has for you. 

Remember that a diamond is made from pressure, an uncomfortable situation. A pearl is created in the mouth of an agitated oyster, an uncomfortable situation. Your greatness may have to be polished by an uncomfortable situation. Are you willing change your situation for the sake of your growth?



A little about The Transparent Church Girl: Tannisha Thompson AKA The Transparent Church Girl is from Decatur, Georgia. A girl after God's own heart she was labeled a church girl early on. What was once seen as lame and unapproachable has now developed into Tannisha's life long ministry and outreach. As a church girl Tannisha buried the word of God in her heart and today she uses that word to encourage others to win! Tannisha is a certified (in progress) life coach and social media maven. She combined her gift of exhortation and writing in a unique manner that encourages others to live their best life by any means necessary. She can be reached at The Transparent Church Girl on Facebook or