THREE Ways to Start Your Week Off Right-3.png

The things you do at the beginning of the week really do set the tone for your week. It is important to have a clear vision of what needs to get done throughout the week. Having a weekly routine allows your to create new habits, and stay on top of things. Creating a routine has done wonders for me. It keeps me on track, and I am constantly reminded of the things I would like to accomplish. 

Here are three ways to start your week off the right way: 

1.) Write your goals out for the week

Whether its business related or for your personal life it's important to write out your goals for the week. When you are clear on your goals it is easier to accomplish them. This is probably the most effective way to set the tone for your week, because you know exactly what needs to get done. Write your goals out and put them in a place where you will constantly see them. I like to write mine out in my planner, so when I create my to do lists I see my goals. Seeing my goals when I create my to do list is a way for me to incorporate those goals into my daily schedule.

2.) Set your intentions for the week 

Keep a positive mindset. A lot of us dread Sundays and/or Monday because we are reminded of the work week, so it's important to change your thinking. I love Sundays and Mondays because it's another opportunity to start a new week, so I can work towards my goals. I pray and meditate on the things that I want to accomplish. Visualization is also something that has helped me stay focused and on top of things. 


Planning is so important. When you set your intentions for the week and write out your goals, you will then need to plan out how you will accomplish it all. Create a to do list for each day, and adjust daily as needed. Also, make sure everything lines up with your goals for the week. Planning gives direction. Creating to do lists everyday has helped me out SO much, and although I may not be able to get everything done everyday that's perfectly fine. 

In order to have a successful week it's important to write your goals out, set your intentions for the week, and plan. Doing these three things will only benefit you. The more prepared you the better, and this is a great way to set yourself up for success.