There you go: Whining again about getting up to go to work or to get things done. The bed is feeling so good, you don’t want to part ways with it. News flash! The bed will still be there when you’re done taking care of business.

You see in this day and age, we get too much credit for just trying. If you show up, you want brownie points. If you put in minimum effort, you want a reward. In this generation, it is okay to accept and applaud mediocrity; but, how can you ever be your best self if you refuse to exert yourself to the fullest extent and feel that you have truly earned your reward?

The feeling of accomplishment comes from the journey and all you had to endure to get to your destination. Imagine receiving a trophy every time you showed up for something; As soon as you walk through the door, everyone claps and hands you a metallic ornament that says, “Nice job!” The first few times, you’ll find it funny, and it will even serve as one heck of an ego booster. Sooner than later, you’ll realize all of the trophies are taking up too much space in your home that you have to start throwing them away. Then, you will start to feel if you did do something extravagant the recognition will either go unnoticed or there will be neutral response to it.

Here’s the thing: Continue to complain and stay in bed as long as you want. Go to work and do the least amount of tasks. It is clearly contributing to the goals you want to accomplish, right? Wrong. Look, keep your habits, and bask in the ambience; or, change your dreams, literally, to where you get paid to sleep. Other than that, if it is not getting you a step closer to your bigger picture, don’t waste time doing it.

Tequila Cheatham