Here at HelloBriana Consulting we take pride in offering top notch coaching and design services. We believe that our clients deserve the best service, tools, and information, and that is what we gave to give. We are so happy to have clients who are willing to share their personal testimonials with us! 




KIsha smith; boutique owner

Melissa H.

Briana is wonderful to work with. My webpage came out great. She did fantastic on one site for me and I hired her again. She is responsive and professional she takes time to get to know her clients. I would definitely hire her again.

BriannLashae T.

Briana has been absolutely AMAZING to work with. Not knowing where to start and searching through multiple web designers she has made me feel so comfortable. I’m grateful that I have been heard and seen! She’s taken the time to get to know my business. As a new business owner I’m greatly appreciate her patience, expertise, kindness and professionalism!

Dr. G.L. Cruell

Extremely Satisfied Client!

If you are looking for someone to create your website, I highly recommend Briana. I needed a website for two online mentoring program and processes. Briana created a website for me that is professional, clean and easy to navigate. She listened to what I wanted in a website, applied her skills and creative abilities to the aim of my mentoring processes and gave me what I needed! I am an extremely satisfied client!

Eileen C.

Working with Briana has been a true pleasure. She is both professional as well as such a friendly and positive person. While assisting me on my business website she was in constant communication with me and would respond immediately to my texts or emails. Briana is also very patient in her listening and would make any necessary changes or fix what was requested with a very quick turn around and also provided a timeline of when the task would be finished.

I would totally recommend Briana, she does beautiful work, will listen to you the customer and your vision. Will make sure that all your needs as a client are taken care of and be there for you the whole way through. Adding to that her lovely upbeat personality makes working with her so much fun, she's a true gem!

Courtney M.

She is so AWESOME!!! Professionalism at its best! My LOGO is perfect! I’d refer her to anybody!

Arnesha B. 

Briana did an amazing job on my website! She was very patient with me because we started during my busy season. I’m not techy or good at branding and marketing materials but she swooped in, helped me pick the best designs, worked with my current branding and added her own finishing touches. She helped me communicate my services to my clients and prospective clients in a way that I struggled with. She is very affordable and met our deadline even after the birth of her beautiful baby girl. I would highly recommend her to anyone and I’ll be working with her again in the future.


Candace J.

I am so thrilled to be my kiddos client. She created the most beautiful logo for my crochet business CandyJax Crochet Shop. She truly listened to what I wanted and understood my vision. I simply told her Simple Elegance, and she nailed it. Thank you so much sweet pea! Even though I’m your mom and you know me well, it was something special to work with you and trusting you to create for me. You were so professional with your questions and feedback. 

Briana is a true, creative genius. She is phenomenal at listening and making your vision illuminate.

Davina C.

I really appreciate Briana taking the time out to create my logo!She did a amazing job!

Sharae M. 

Great experience with Briana for my business logo! She was very professional and prompt!

Kisha W. 

I HIGHLY recommend Briana. Just starting out as an entrepreneur she has been TREMENDOUS help with everything. She has patience and great understand. I will use her in the future and recommend ALL to utilize her services as well

Brittany M. 

I have worked with Briana 3 times now, and have plans for expanding my business by utilizing her services. Her patience and ability to read minds (lol) is unmatched. She is my graphics fairy godmother. Her prices are affordable and the products are provided quickly and efficiently. I can’t wait for our next project!!!


Linda G. 

Briana is very easy to talk to. She listens with candor and helps you define the next steps to take. She does her research so that she can provide the best answers for you based on your needs. I would definitely work with her again.

Mercedes G. 

I’ve been an entrepreneur my entire life. For me it’s a mindset; it’s a lifestyle. After a few years of running service-based businesses, I’ve decided to launch my first product-based business, and quickly learned it is a different world albeit exciting. Thanks to HelloBriana Consulting, I’ve been able to implement fresh processes to better my time management and my overall outlook of the direction I want my business to go in. 
Between a couple of her eBooks and her newly launched time audit worksheet, I have seen undeniable improvement in my productivity and have really honed in on my short and long-term goals. She is such a pleasure to work with and provides a wealth of experience and proven methods to succeed at whatever personal and business goals you set out to achieve.


Cynthia J. 

I have worked with Brianna on Multiple occasions and used her editing services for my website as well as other writing projects. Her services are fast and reliable. The times I've worked with her she was very specific on what changes were going to be made but always made sure to explain as to why she is making those changes, that way I would also learn. I would recommend her services to anybody and def will use her services In the future.

Courtney A. 

I have a photography brand and moved to a new area which is extremely hard as far as building cliental. Briana has been nothing but help with overflowing ideas to help my business get back to where it was. She is very passionate and positive. She's not just my consultant she's my friend. Thank you Briana


Jasmine H. 

I'm not going to lie! I have never done a consultation with anyone in regards to my business, so I was a little on edge as to what I was going to expect out of my discovery session. I went in with an open mind and had so much fun. It felt like I was talking to a friend who knew a lot about business. She gave me so many ideas in just 60 mins and a few tools I could use for my company. I am so grateful that Briana reached out to me and allowed me to gain even more information for my Cosmetic Line (Janel Cosmetics). Thanks again (for the hundredth time lol). You rock! And congrats on your next move